Back in tune...

By Simon Fellows, 04 August 2014

Back in tune...

The year 2010 was not a great one for print directory publishing. The economic downturn was biting hard, and the consensus was that internet search engines were making print directories obsolete. So, when the publishers of the venerable Music Week Directory approached us to discover whether we could breathe new life into its pages we were understandably cautious, and reluctant to promise too much.

In fact, despite the downturn, our team did rather well.

First we overhauled the design and content to make the publication more insightful – more relevant to today’s music industry. Secondly, we completed a very thorough job of following up every sales lead. Due to time pressure it was clear that for years the publishers had struggled to manage existing accounts, and little to no work had been done to attract new business.

The result? More than £20k worth of new business was achieved in the first year.

Last year, the 2014 edition saw advertising revenue increase by over 28% year-on-year, which is a fantastic achievement.

Music Week Directory works, despite online competition, because it is a well-targeted, trusted brand. All it needed was time dedicated to improving the content, and managing the advertising base.

We’re now just about to start work on the 2015 edition, and look forward to delivering further growth in revenue.

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