Celebrating CLA contract renewal - five great years ahead

By Mark Brown, 07 September 2014

Celebrating CLA contract renewal - five great years ahead

When we were first awarded the advertising contract for Land & Business, the Country Land and Business Association’s (CLA) membership magazine, back in 2008 it was costing a small fortune to produce. We quickly turned the publication around, with revenues soaring to unprecedented levels.

To be awarded the contract for a further five years is a huge honour, and testament to the amazing effort that CLA and Fellows Media staff have made to improve the title during challenging times. With the economy now picking up we look forward to growing revenues even more.

CLA Account Manager James Hanson said, “We are delighted to represent the publication for another five years. We have shown massive growth since taking the publication on in 2008 and we are aiming to continue the upward trend during the next contract period.”

After receiving such good news we’re pleased to give all those involved in the production of the magazine, the pitch process, our sales team and all the advertisers who have contributed to the magazine a hearty pat on the back.

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