content overhaul

BHS website copy BHS website copy BHS website copy

The Challenge

The BHS’s website was looking tired and uninspiring. Worse still, the dull, dense content did not accurately communicate the qualities and values that the BHS brand has grown to represent.

Our Solution

We analysed and audited the original site copy against key messages and audience needs. Previously the site had a mammoth 790 pages. So, we moderated this considerably and introduced a shallow hierarchy – streamlining the site and ensuring that vital information could be easily and intuitively found by its users.

Our new site plan developed the site into one that really works for its audience. The new site addresses the ambitions and motivations of thriving equine businesses, as well as supporting the desires of all owners and riders to benefit more from their relationship with horses.

The new content is concise, clear and engaging, and disregards the old-fashioned, formal tone of the previous site.

The results have been very positive, with October showing the best membership recruitment to-date. In the first two weeks, 250 members chose the new monthly direct debit option online, showing a clear demand from customers.

You can see the results for yourself at

The Client

The BHS represents the interests of the 4.3 million people in the UK who ride or who drive horse-drawn vehicles. With its membership (and that of its Affiliated Riding Clubs and Affiliated Bridleway Associations) the BHS is the largest and most influential equestrian charity in the UK.