Blue & Green directories

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The Challenge

The management behind Blue & Green directories and the associated website,, needed to find a modern, cost-effective way to produce these data heavy products that were collectively affectionately known as the ‘bible’ of the events industry. A feature-rich database management solution was years behind schedule, but they needed an interim solution that would instantly lower costs and help to improve quality.

Our Solution

With very little budget to play with, and knowing that the publishers already had a fully featured production system in the pipeline, our focus was on reducing manual processes as much as possible. Within weeks we introduced an interim system that managed copy and completely automated the image workflow in these 700+ page directories. The result was a significant drop in costs, higher quality, and better customer service for advertisers.

The Client has been used by event organisers for more than 30 years. In 1999 was launched to provide users with the latest news, rates and offers available along with functionalities that allow them to save searches and compare venues side by side. With over 14,900 UK and international venues it remains the leading provider of venue information.