Butterfly Conservation

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The Challenge

Butterfly Conservation needed a magazine that communicated the plight of butterflies and moths, to both the scientific community and the general public. It was essential for Butterfly Conservation that the magazine be interesting, attractive and good value for money.

Our Solution

Butterfly magazine is now a vibrant, colourful publication that is a joy to read. As one would expect, its pages are alive with delightful copy, illustrated with beautiful images of dazzling butterflies, but the magazine also carries the organisation’s conservation message with authority. Advertising generated by Fellows Media ensures that the magazine is cost-effective. Butterfly Conservation are so pleased with the magazine, that we also now produce marketing material for the charity.

The Client

Butterfly Conservation is a charity that has raised awareness of the drastic decline in butterflies and moths, and created widespread acceptance that action needs to be taken. It has grown to become probably the largest insect conservation organisation in the world, with a membership of almost 18,000.