Developing the RICS iPad app

RICS app RICS app RICS app

The Challenge

Every year the RICS prints a brochure for students detailing all the RICS Accredited Courses available in colleges and universities across the UK. For 2012/13 RICS wanted to engage further with their target audience, so they asked Fellows Media to produce an interactive app that would allow students to access all the information contained in the printed version of the document via their computers, tablets and smart phones.

Our Solution

Aware that more and more young people now prefer to access information via the web, we set out to create an engaging ‘must-have’ download for would-be surveyors.
The resulting app, which is available through Newsstand on the Apple App store, contains a wealth of interactive elements that let users navigate a wide range of content ­– from videos to live website links – and a full list of RICS accredited courses, each with active links to the relevant college or university website.
This exciting digital product offers students a much more engaging way to discover the full range of RICS accredited courses available to them.

The Client

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world’s leading professional body for setting standards in the surveying industry. It has members all around the globe delivering knowledge and serving the public interest at a local level.