NIAB TAG - bespoke publications


The Challenge

Farmers rely on NIAB TAG to provide them with accurate agronomic data on which to base their usage and buying decisions for seed, fungicides and herbicides. It is critical that this information reaches them in a timely manner because it is very topical.

Our Solution

Based on NIAB TAG research data, we produce Spring and Autumn Strategy documents that present the agricultural industry with the findings of complex trials, but in an easy to understand format. In addition we produce Mechanisation Quarterly publications, that highlight best practice in the industry when it comes to efficient ploughing, drilling, spraying and so on.

The Client

National Institute of Agricultural Botany’s (NIAB TAG) mission is to provide independent science-based research and information to support, develop and promote agriculture and horticulture, helping the industry to fulfill its potential in supplying food and renewable resources, while respecting the natural environment.