Taliance - Global Fund

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The Challenge

When Taliance launched its groundbreaking Global Fund software package, it wanted the property industry to sit up and take notice. Global Fund is a niche product that can transform a fund management business, but the buying decision typically rests with just a few key personnel within an organisation and the investment is significant.

Our Solution

We helped Taliance with a campaign that extolled the benefits of this revolutionary software, rather than the technical complexities. Of course, we targeted the decision makers, but also made a point of reaching out to the end users who we knew would influence the buying decision. We also positioned top Taliance personnel as respected experts within the property industry. Our campaign – Be Revolutionary – featured print and online advertising, print and digital brochures, video, web, html email, PR and event display collateral.

The Client

Taliance is an IT system editor and vendor that designs, develops and deploys open solutions for European professionals in real estate and finance.

Its pioneering range of software solutions and services helps property companies and associated asset and fund managers plan new developments, forecast future performance and make informed decisions in real-time.

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